Your Trusted Provider of Outstanding Dental Care

Dr. Aghbashian and his team have been providing exceptional and patient-centric oral health solutions for the community. Whatever your dental needs are, we can deliver the best results.

Our Office:

Our Bright practice mission is to improve the quality of lives in southern Californian through excellent comprehensive dental care.
Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our patients built on trust, empathy, comfort, and quality of care.
With the latest in dental technology, and a compassionate team, we’re committed to personalized, high-quality dental care that will transform your life.
We work exceptionally hard to grant a smile for every patient and will always take the time to get to know you and your unique needs in order to provide personalized, quality dental care.

In our office we are proud to provide comprehensive dental care for the entire family in a warm, modern, relaxing environment.

Our team is friendly and experienced in taking care of dental services such as teeth cleaning, check-up, dental crown, root canal, teeth whitening, Implant dentistry and more. Whether it's a tooth sensitivity or toothache relief is only a visit away.

How We Practice

When you visit our Bright dental office, you will experience something new and exciting – a family practice built around creating a positive patient experience, from start to finish where the patient is “a TRUE family member”.

At our Bright practice, we have established one of the world’s most warm and finest family dental practice – a completely new approach to modern Family Dentistry.

Our Bright facility is equipped with some of the latest technology and adhere to the highest sterilization standards.

We are constantly updating and improving the technology in our practice to better serve you.

While you’ll immediately be impressed by our comfortable state of the art practice, it’s usually our attentive service that patients remember the most. Our well-trained staff, along with our dentist and specialist, take pride in making sure that your care is of the highest caliber.

In addition to all the above and to maximize our beloved patients experience and assure that they will receive the dental care that they need, our team has always committed to not let finances get in the way of your smile.

Weather its 3rd party financing solution (Care Credit) or in-house financing solution our team believes that financial limitation should not be a barrier for our patient to receive adequate health care.

With us, you don’t just receive quality care during treatment, but our team also strives to give you the respect and attention you deserve throughout the duration of your visit. Looking for a new dentist in Glendale? Get in touch to schedule your first appointment!


Why We are Different

A family featured dental office where every single patient is considered a family member and treated accordingly.
We welcome patients of all ages and levels of health – from toddlers to seniors, and everyone in between.
Our office is one of the few offices in Glendale that offers most services under the same roof.
Extended weekday and weekend hours.
Financing options as low as 0% interest.
We love insurance and will maximize your benefits.

Send Your Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns about us or our services, connect with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.